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About Us

Sand & Stone Homes is an Interior Design Firm that provides Interior Design Consultancy Services. We provide home accessories for both private and commercial homes, hotels and companies.

– Interior Design Consultancy Services

– Property Styling & Home Staging

– Furniture, Fixture & Equipment Consultant.

– Production of High Quality Pavestones.



High-end property owners, hoteliers, commercial companies, CEOs, procurement officers, developers, architects – our client list is as varied as the environments we create. We have significant experience in commercial, corporate and residential interior design, and interior design for businesses in the hospitality sector too.



We assist individuals and businesses with every aspect of the interior design process. Some clients require standalone design schemes with 3D visuals, others come to us for complete project management. We can guide clients from the drawing board all the way through to project completion, offering personally tailored support and services at each stage of the process.

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